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How to Make Dry Cat Food Soft?

Usually, cats will willingly eat any type of food. If your pet has strong teeth and a healthy stomach, then there is no reason to experiment with his diet. But kittens and seniors may need a softer texture to cope with whatever you put in the bowl. How to soften dry cat food? It's pretty simple because you only need a little clean water. But first, let's take a look at the types of cat food.

Dry or Wet Food – The Main Difference

Dry food is granules that consist of animal protein, vitamins, and trace elements that are needed for animals. This type of treat contains about 10% moisture. Wet food is as close as possible to natural food and contains about 70% liquid. Quality food has no fundamental differences. But your cat may refuse hard pellets for a reason. Then adding water to dry cat food is the only way out.

Picking the Right Dry Cat Food

Even if you are moistening dry cat food, you need to choose the highest quality product. Look for well-known brands with a lot of positive reviews. Also, you should study the composition of the package. There are many types of dry food for kittens, adults, or seniors. Some types of pellets are suitable for cats with gastrointestinal problems or diabetes. Such food contains essential vitamins and minerals and also helps to normalize digestion.

How Much Food Is Enough?

Not all cats can stop when they see a tasty treat in a bowl. This is why you should not feed your pet with a large dose. Read the package directions or ask your veterinarian for advice. Typically, one serving depends on the cat's weight, age, and lifestyle. Kittens need softer dry cat food because their body and teeth are not yet as hard as in adults. You may need to buy a measuring cup or kitchen scale to calculate each serving's weight correctly.

How to Soften Cat Food and When It's Necessary?

Do not forget that every animal has eating habits. Some pets are ready to eat exclusively soft kibble cat food because it is very tasty for them. This is why you have to buy a small package of each type of food for your cat to choose from.

Sometimes animals refuse dry food because they cannot chew it well. This problem is especially true for older cats with dental problems. Kittens most often need wet food because they are not used to hard pellets or cannot grind them. That is why you have to learn how to make hard cat food soft.

Adding Water to Cat Food – The Main Reasons

Soft kibble for cats smells a little more appetizing. Plus, wet pieces are easier to handle and digest. Your pet will need less time and effort to cope with the treat. It is also an effective way to control excessive food cravings. As the wet pellets grow in size, your pet will feel full more quickly. Add warm water to dry cat food, and you will see how the kitten quickly empties the entire bowl.

Is It Necessary to Buy a Special Cat Feeder?

Adding water to wet cat food is a simple process. You just need to measure out the right amount of liquid once to turn dry granules into a soft substance. A regular metal bowl will suffice. But you can buy a device that will automatically add the right amount of water as soon as you add some dry granules. Such cat feeders are relevant for those who spend most of the day outside the apartment or house. A special device can mix dry food and liquid in the right proportion.

Make The Cat Food Soft – Pros & Cons


  • It might taste better for your pet.
  • Soft foods are easier to digest
  • No undue pressure on the teeth


  • Soft food spoils faster
  • Tap water can impair the taste of food
  • Too much liquid will make food tasteless

Is It Ok to Mix Dry and Wet Cat Food?

Now you know how to make dry cat food soft. But can you just combine two types of treats in one bowl? If your cat has no problem with any type of food, then this is fine. Plus, mixing meals will allow you to change your diet gradually. For example, you might want to change your cat's diet and only use dry pellets.

Then you should start adding dry and wet food in equal proportions. Gradually, you will be able to reduce the number of soft fibers and add more granules. There's no need to add water to dry cat food at this stage. Sometimes pets can be very moody, and only a mix of different ingredients can satisfy their gastronomic needs.

Final Words

Dry and wet food is a good basis for your cat's daily diet. Each type of meal has advantages and disadvantages. It is best if you go to your veterinarian for help. This will help you decide what is best for your cat. Kittens eat soft foods best, so you should avoid using too hard pellets. Older animals have problems with their teeth and digestive system, so that soft food will be the only solution. Otherwise, you can use dry pellets or add a little water to keep your pet from feeling uncomfortable while feeding.

Feral Cat Fact: The vast majority of free-roaming catsĀ are not fully socialized and thus not adoptable.