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How to Get Your Cat to Stop Begging for Food?

A cat constantly begging for food is a common problem for many people who decide to have a pet. Usually, three or four meal breaks are enough for your furry friend. But do you see your cat begging for food all the time? There are many reasons for this. To begin with, it is worth noting the most difficult situations. Usually, animals need additional food for eating disorders, intestinal parasites, or other diseases. Your pet may need more energy, and food is the only source of calories.

Wrong Diet

Every pet owner at least once asked the question, "Is it ok that my cat begs for food all the time?" Part of the problem may be the wrong diet. Every animal needs a balanced diet. This means that meals should contain the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Often, any cat begs for food because it is not getting enough calories. Read the instructions on the back of the container carefully. You may be giving your pet less food than it needs. Also, you need to consider the weight, age, and activity level of the animal.

Fear of Hunger

This problem is common among adopted animals. Your cat begs for food all the time because it remembers the hungry times. This problem is serious enough, but you can solve it with a veterinarian or animal psychologist's help. Your first task is to confirm that the cat's hunger is due to memories or psychological problems.

Bad Habits

Usually, you can see cats begging for food if they are used to your feedback. Your animal may not feel real hunger but is used to receiving a treat whenever you react to a meow. Food is a substitute for leisure, so your cat may just get bored. 

But there is another bad habit associated with misbehavior. Your cat may enjoy getting what he or she wants anytime. Besides, some animals cannot know their food limit and consume more calories than is really necessary. This is a direct path to obesity and health problems.

10 Tips to Make Your Cat Stop Asking for Food

Provide Balanced Nutrition

A cat asking for food all the time is not normal. You should choose the type of food with the right amount of calories. This is one of the main considerations for all pet owners. Sometimes hunger is just hunger. Pick the right meal.

Mix Water and the Wet Food

Divide wet food into several portions and mix with clean water. Your cat will get more food, and this will cheat his stomach. This is one of the effective tips for your begging cat to calm down finally.

Use Automatic Feeder

This advice is especially effective when you are feeding your dry pet food. This will allow you to adjust the food limit, and your cat will not overeat. The animal will also get used to the fact that the food appears in a certain place and will not demand a treat from you every time you enter the kitchen.

Fiber-Rich Food

This type of treats can increase in volume, so your pet needs less food. But cats can't digest it. You need to look for a meal that has about 10-15% of fiber content. It can help if your cat keeps begging for food every hour.

Time Out

Pets can quickly switch attention in a non-standard setting. Lock your cat in another room for 10 minutes. This may be enough for your pet to take a break from the treats and switch to another activity. There is nothing cruel about this. Just give your pet time to calm down.

Interactive Food Dispenser

Combine feeding with play. Let your cat retrieve dry food pieces or fish chips from the interactive maze. This will take 10-15 minutes, and your pet will feel full faster. Some devices are inexpensive, so your family budget won’t be affected. 

Fresh Running Water

This method allows the cat to focus on the jet of water. The animal will enthusiastically lick every drop and may forget about food. This does not work in all cases, but you can try. Plus, clear water tastes much better than stagnant liquid in a bowl.

Feeding in a Secluded Area

It's best if you buy a food dispenser and put it somewhere in a secluded place. Never choose a kitchen! Then any step you take towards this room will be regarded by the cat as an alarm signal. Train your pet to the fact that food appears only in a certain place, and you cannot speed up this process in any way.

Changing the Response to Asking For Meal

You should hug and kiss your pet every time you hear a meow. Gradually, you will make your code think that over-attracting attention will not allow you to get more food. This works quite effectively.

Distract with Playtime

Use a laser pointer, ball, or feather stick whenever your cat gets naughty. Toys can distract your pet's attention. This does not work in all cases, but you have a high chance of turning the cat's attention to something other than food.

Final Words

There are many situations where your cat needs extra meals. You should consult a veterinarian to rule out possible health problems. If your cat is okay, then you should use the ten most effective tips. This will help your pet break bad habits. Try one of the ten tips, and your cat will likely stop terrorizing you every hour.

Feral Cat Fact: The vast majority of free-roaming catsĀ are not fully socialized and thus not adoptable.