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How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away: Beneficial Tips and Easy Tricks for New and Experienced Feline Owners

There is hardly any person in the world who does not love traveling. At the same time, it has always been one of the most complicated questions for cat owners. When you have no chance to take your pet and head towards the adventures, you need to consider a few important things. 

First of all, your fluffy friend may suffer from separation anxiety and loneliness, which will affect its mood and health. However, there are other concerns, which are frequently even more serious. How to serve wet cat food while away? Who will take good care of your child once you are out of town?

Feeding cats wet food while on vacation is challenging. Nevertheless, the struggle is real, and you can find a beneficial way out. If you have occasionally found yourself in the situation when you have to leave your pet at home for a couple of days, follow the key guidelines and recommendations of experienced cat owners. 

Dry and Wet Cat Food Compared 

When you get a kitten, you probably understand your responsibility for its life. In most cases, cat owners do everything they can to provide pets with whatever can make them safe, healthy, and comfortable. Therefore, choosing between dry and wet food, they focus on the advantages of the moist one instead of the convenience of the dry. 

Additionally, it is inevitable to mention a particular category of cat parents, who travel a lot, so they have found an excellent solution: they give pets both types of food. It is a perfect option if you have short trips, but it can turn into a complete disaster if you spend over a week away. In such instances, your cat gets susceptible to severe blockage, diarrhea, and similar health disorders, which may be triggered by dry food. 

It is inevitable to acknowledge that every cat is unique and requires specific food. Weighing all the merits and downsides of feeding cats wet food is crucial, as it will help you understand whether this option is suitable or you need to choose the simpler path. 

Main Features of Dry Food for Cats

The basic advantages of dry food are the simplicity of use and versatility. Dry food is typically related to problem-free feeding and is appreciated by a considerable number of cat owners.

Some felines relish split meals, while others are used to a specific feeding time. Anyway, this is the option preferred by busy people who have no time to keep an eye on the cat’s eating routine.

Irrespective of the specific advantages and benefits of this type of food, it is crucial to highlight some of its downsides. Dehydration, blockage, diarrhea, obesity, and a range of other disorders may start bothering your pet as a result of the dry food meal diet. Feeding cat dry food in dispenser only while away will not cause devastating outcomes, but there is a risk your cat will reject it, especially if it is used for wet food.  

Specifications of Wet Food for Cats

According to the vets and feline experts, feeding cats wet food everyday can considerably improve their health and eliminate any risks. High in protein, low in carbs, moist and delicious, wet food is beneficial for pets with any urinary disorders, obesity issues, and stomach problems.

If you have originally started feeding your cat with dry food, you may consider changing the current diet to a healthier alternative. However, the long-lasting and challenging process will require much of your time, effort, patience, and attention. You should mind that these two types of food are completely different, so you cannot completely change the pet’s diet in a few days. This is also an important rule you need to remember if you travel a lot. Make sure the feline eats regular food it is used to. 

Pet owners who feed cats dry will have no problems leaving their pets for a few days. They just put a bowl with water and set the automatic cat feeder, which will serve the necessary portion every day. However, the task of the parents, whose felines prefer wet food, is much more complicated. A little creativity, flexibility, and effort will do wonders. 

Top 3 Simple Recommendations on How to Feed Cat Wet Food While Away

Have you already started planning your trip? Here is the trouble: who will take care of your cat? Well, with the rapid development of modern technology, it will not be a problem. Check out three beneficial ways to keep your feline full even when you are away. 

Electronic wet cat food feeder

It is a top-notch device that serves as an ultimate solution for pet owners who need to be away from home for a few days. There is a whole variety of automatic feeders, which will make every experience special, but it is crucial to get that wet food spoils fast. Therefore, you should opt for a top-rated item, which can keep the food chilled, especially if you travel a lot. 

Experienced sitter 

If you cannot leave your feline without attention, you can always hire a professional sitter. In this way, you may forget about all the issues related to wet feeding, as well as other concerns. 

Mix both options

This is the last but not the least effective option you can take advantage of. Quick note: it is convenient for people who stay long at work or come home late due to other reasons. Provide your cat with both wet and dry food so that it always has something to eat.

Feral Cat Fact: The vast majority of free-roaming catsĀ are not fully socialized and thus not adoptable.